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Powered by Odlamer is the ultimate solution for garden centers and plant shops to increase their plant sales! We connect your physical store to over 9000+ plant information digitally using QR codes. With Odlamer you can engage your customers even after the plant sales.

Top 3 challenges with sales in a garden center!  Do you relate to them?

Challenge 1

Have you ever encountered situations where a crowded store makes it challenging for our staff to address every customer's inquiries? As a result, customers may have to search for information independently, or, in the worst-case scenario, they might leave the store without making a purchase.

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Challenge 2

While plants often come with accompanying tags, the available information is frequently limited and, in many instances, entirely absent.

Moreover, plant labels from various suppliers lack local plant names and essential details, which can make selling plants more challenging and burden your staff with additional work to address customer inquiries due to inconsistent plant information.

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Challenge 3

In the competitive gardening center industry, plant labels are crucial for boosting sales and ensuring top-notch customer service. Yet, our research reveals that 8 out of 10 stores struggle with the challenge of either staff or customers having to turn to external sources like Google for plant information, resulting in missed sales opportunities and distractions for your team.

Sadly, current suppliers often lack speed and customization options, leaving you unable to personalize plant labels and information to meet your store's specific requirements and customer preferences.

With Odlamer's solution, you solve these challenges!


Beautiful plant labels with custom QR-codes

With Odlamer's Plant labels with QR codes, your customers can see the information directly in the Odla Mer app or on the web, with just one click!

The QR codes are available in different formats to suit your store.

All plant info in one place

Over 9000+ localized plant information

Over 9000 plants with local plant information including images of perennials, roses, clematis, seeds, houseplants, trees, fruit trees, shrubs and annuals.

In the Odlamer app, your staff and customers can easily search for the right information. No more endless googling!

Customer Engagement

Connect directly with your customers even after plant sale

Your customer can add the plant to their wish list or add it to their plants in the app. You can also send special offers or offer relevant products directly to the customer.

Our team

We have a dedicated team of business development managers who are here to address any of your questions and help you find the best solution for you!

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