Our Vision

Odla Mer in Swedish means "grow more"! Our mission is to inspire and help all gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers to grow more ðŸŒą

We strongly believe that every human being has a green thumb. If you haven't discovered yours yet, we will help you discover yours.


Wellbeing from gardening

I found solace in gardening during my darkest periods when I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression.
Increasing bodies of science agree that gardens and green spaces are associated with better physical, social and mental health. With Odla Mer, I want to help everyone embrace gardens and gardening into their daily life.


Purpose from gardening

With every green space added, we contribute to our own but also nature's and society's well-being. However, gardening can be overwhelming for a novice gardener. Also, as your garden grows, there is plenty to keep track of plant care and gardening chores.

Most gardening apps in the market are hard to use or uninspiring. Hence, I decided to build a gardening and plant care app to make it easier for anyone to start gardening.


Joy of gardening

The real joy of gardening is actually spending time gardening or enjoying it on your own, with your kids, family, neighbors, and nature.

With Odla Mer, I want everyone to experience the joy of gardening. Spend more time gardening instead of spending behind a computer planning.