Premium Magic ✨

Discover the Odlamer Premium App: Your ultimate gardening companion. Unlimited plant scans, curated collections, water reminders, expert advice, and more—all at your fingertips. Keep plants thriving with ease✨🪴💚

1. Overview of Odlamer Premium

Checkout the video to find out how Odlamer Premium is your ultimate gardening companion!

2. No more wondering with the Plant Scanner

The Plant Scanner allows you to identify any plant that catches your eye on the go! No more wondering & googling whenever you come across a plant you really like & want to know more about!

Here is a tutorial video for the plant scanner

3. Water reminder to keep track of all your watering needs

A water reminder system like Odlamer's can be a helpful tool for plant enthusiasts, especially for those who may forget to water their plants regularly or struggle to find the right balance.

How Sree uses water reminder in the Odlamer App!

4. Tracking plant progress in one place

Capture and cherish your plant's journey with the Odlamer Plant Timeline. Effortlessly document growth moments, add photos, and create a visual history. Maintain individual plant journals with notes on watering, repotting, and new growth. 🌱

Checkout this video on how easy it to keep track of your plant progress.

5. Easily organize your plants into beautiful collections

Organize and access your plant care effortlessly with Odlamer Collections. Group your plants or projects easily – whether it's your living room plants, Hoyas, or a lawn-to-meadow transformation project. Simplify plant management with Odlamer! 🌿🪴🌼

Here is how Collection looks in Odlamer App!

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