Odla Mer's Story

Problems faced by beginner gardeners

I found solace in gardening during my darkest periods when I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Being a novice gardener, it was a challenging start and a big learning curve. Luckily, I got a lot of help from the digital gardening community on social media and super localized tips from gardeners at the local gardening center. However, it soon became hard to manage the valuable information and recall them for the right plant at the right time.

I tried the different gardening apps in the market and wasn't satisfied. They were too time-consuming to use and were not as inspiring or dynamic in content as the digital gardening communities in Facebook groups, Instagram or Youtube were.

Addressing the needs of the gardeners

I saw a real "need" as a gardener to connect the inspiring digital communities of gardeners to the right plants, at the right time. Using the wealth of knowledge created by the gardening community to build personalized and hyper-localized gardening tools for individual gardeners' needs. This is how the seeds for "Odla Mer" were sown.

Seeing the wonder gardening has done with my mental health and recovery, my husband was keen to help realize this dream to its fruition. Together, we set out on a mission to make it easy to experience the joy of gardening and started Odla Mer with the mission to help and inspire gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers to grow more.

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