Gardening goals for 2023 - New ideas, family favourites in the garden and retrials of past failures

Start your gardening journey in 2023

2023 gardening goals - Favorites vegetables, edible flowers and new cut flowers

With these tips, from vegetable gardening to flower beds to edible flowers, get inspired by our resident gardeners in Odla Mer and find the perfect way to enjoy nature.In this blog post, Sree shares her gardening goals for 2023! From repeat favorites to new ideas and a few family requests, we are sure there are some tips and inspiration here for you to get geared up for 2023. 

This year my goal is to grow my favorite vegetables and herbs, try growing family requests, and a few new ideas inspired by fellow gardens and plant lovers 💚

💡New ideas - Edible flowers

Add edible flowers in your garden

I had the opportunity to visit the Ahlberg plant center in Helsinki. A 100-year-old institution that specializes in growing edible flowers and herbs. More about this fabulous place and their inspiring owners in a future post. I learned about so many amazing edible flowers that can be grown in the Nordic climate. Edible flowers are the perfect combo of beauty to my garden and amazing flavors to our food. I decided to add 3 beautiful containers with edible flowers. Some I wish to sow myself and others I will try to get directly from Ahlberg (Road trip anyone, hit me 🙌🏼) 

👨👩👧 Family requests

More pollinator friendly cut flowers in the garden this year

Gardening is mostly my hobby and escape but the whole family loves to chip in, get involved and enjoy the fruits of a giving garden. This year my family got to request a few of their favorites. 

  • Potatoes 🥔 I am going to try growing sacks for these (Any tips?) 
  • More peppers 🫑 (not too many chilies apparently 😂) 
  • More flowers for my daughter's flower arrangements 🤷🏽‍♀️ 
Trying potatoes in the garden for the first time

🤩 Past failures, new trials 

Gardening is all about trial and errors. Failures is one step to learning how to get it right the next time.

  •  🍉 These are going into my greenhouse. Hopefully, I will have better luck with them this year 🤞🏼
  • Zucchini (Try a few tips from @shelfver) 
  • Leek (Try pre-sowing as recommended by @shelfver) 
Vegetable garden plan drawn using iPad

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