Best harvest in your home garden with Odla Mer vegetable garden planner

Get the best harvest in your home garden with Odla Mer Gardening app

January is the perfect month for planning what to sow for the season

Hi fellow gardeners,

I am Sree from Odla Mer and I love the month of January! Time to buy new seeds, start sowing and see the little plant babies germinate. However, the process of planning what to sow could be time consuming!

With Odla Mer's soon-to-be-launched automatic vegetable garden planner, we have made it easy to plan yours to get the best harvest with the least effort!

How does the automatic garden planner work? 

With your location details, we calculate your potential last frost date. Based on what you would like to grow, we will suggest:

  1. When to start sowing  
  2. Sow indoors or outdoors 
  3. When would be your potential date to start hardening the plant 
  4. When you could transfer them outdoors or when to sow them outdoors 
  5. When you could expect your first harvest

Your sowing calendar will be available for you in the app! The more our app would learn about your preferences, the better it will get at customizing your vegetable garden.


Get personalized vegetable garden planner with Odla Mer

Become confident and a smart gardener

What more! With our smart reminders and care guides, we will help you throughout your growing seasons. Our mission is to help you grow more with the least effort. So you have more time to enjoy your garden and harvest. 

Having trouble during the growing season with your plants? 

Everyone needs a bit of extra help now and then. No worries! Our team of plant experts have you covered. Just ask them for help and they will get back to you within 24 hours during working hours. 

When is it launching in the app?

The automatic sowing calendar will be available for beta testing in Feb 2023. 

Can't wait till it is launched in the Odla Mer app? Click here to get your free vegetable planner through email.

Happy odling,

From Sree

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