5 tips for a great garden design

5 tips for planning a great garden design

5 tips for planning a great garden design

Are you designing a new garden or making changes to your current one? Here are some of our tips 🙌🏼

Identify the functionality you want from your garden

🌿 “Functionality”

Identify what you want to use in your garden for 

  • growing veggies, 
  • having lots of flowerbeds, 
  • a kids' section, and 
  • low maintenance. 

With low maintenance, I recommend more stone/gravel than grass and raised beds. Kids section you’d want in a little secluded section and veggies preferably in a raised bed area.

Identify where to locate your seating area

🌿 “Seating area”

Most people prefer the morning and evening sun. It usually gets too hot during midday. Identify where in your garden a seating area would be best. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. For example, if you want a quiet place to have your morning coffee enjoying the sun, have the seating area in the east.

Create a sustainable garden

🌿 “Sustainable garden”

Get the right plants for the right location. You’ll get the most out of your plants and a longer life span if they have the right conditions. Read online or ask someone for help. Odla Mer has an active community of plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts, ask the community for ideas. Have Odla Mer premium? Ask our plant experts for advice.

Use recycled materials instead of always getting new things for your garden eg. Tools.

Make your compost (if you have the time and interest).

Get the right material for wind protection and privacy

🌿 “Wind protection and privacy”

We love evergreen shrubs for this matter but a fence with climbing roses and clematis makes a great combo too. 

Plan for lights

🌿 “Lights”

Having a spotlight toward a tree gives your garden a wow effect. Lights along paths are also a beautiful feature. By adding light to your garden you created an inviting area, even in the darkest of times. (If you’re feeling brave you can add a spotlight in different colors- that’s a real feast for the eye 👌🏼)

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Authored by Anna Winnett

This gardening inspiration is shared by Anna Winnett, Odla Mer's Digital Marketing Manager, garden design student, and lover of all things to do with outdoor gardening. 

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