May 15, 2023

Avoid 6 common seed sowing mistakes!

How to avoid six common seeds sowing mistakes - Learn from our own experience over the years and what we have observed from fellow gardeners and how to avoid them.

Avoid 6 common seed sowing mistakes!

Avoid 6 common seed sowing mistakes!

I share some common mistakes that I’ve learned over the years and seen other people make and how to avoid them:

❌ Water the soil too much

When the soil gets too wet the seeds can rot because you’re depriving the soil of oxygen.

❌ Not growing in the right temperature

Most seeds need to germinate in a warm climate and THEN move to a cooler place. If the room temperature is too cold they might not germinate and if it’s too warm once they’ve germinated the stem will become long and fragile.

❌ Not providing enough light

All indoor seedlings need as much light as possible during the winter months. Even if you have the pots on a windowsill it won’t be enough this time of year. If you don’t add enough grow light you’ll end up with tall, fragile plants cuz they want to stretch towards the light.

❌ Hardening off the plants too quickly

Indoor seedlings need to harden off before they can stay outside 24/7. You have to introduce them slowly to the outdoor climate by moving them outside for short periods and then extending them. You can also place them outside in a secure spot (no wind, heavy rain, or sun) under a micro blanket for 10 days or so. The hardening-off process should last at least 10 days- in my opinion.

❌ Expect all seeds to grow: all seeds will not grow

That’s just how it is. Some will be damaged, or for other unexplained reasons, will not grow.

✅ So: my best tip to you (in short terms- I could go on about this forever if you let me) is: Not too wet soil + right temperature + grow light + hardening off = success! 🔆

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Authored by Anna Winnett

This gardening hack was shared by Anna Winnett, Odla Mer's Digital Marketing Manager, garden design student, and lover of all things to do with outdoor gardening.